Design guidelines when building a web shop

Design guidelines when building a web shop

More and more users are deciding to offer their product via web store.

Let's consider some important guidelines for making the web shop more successful.


1. Product pictures

Products on the Internet can not be physically felt, meaning that visual presentation is very important. Preferably, products should be presented with high-quality, multi-angle images.

2. Cart

Shopping cart is a very important element, it should be positioned out in a visible place. Customer should have access to all relevant product information in the shopping cart. Shopping cart needs to be simple in order to make shopping easy for the customer.

3. Colors

It is always advisable to put a white background (or a very light shade of a color) on the product list, to highlight the items as much as possible.

4. Organized navigation

Navigation is an essential element in web site design. Always tailor the design to navigation. Items in the menu must be clear, easily accessible and unambiguous. When creating a menu, it is important that there are as few items as possible. Less important links should be placed in other places, such as a footer.

5. Responsive design

Nowdays, most of internet traffic is done through mobile devices. In web shop design, it is important to foresee the use of mobile devices and subordinate design to functionality. It is also important to optimize the page to enable faster loading and opening on mobile devices.