How to choose a fitting web site backgound?

How to choose a fitting web site backgound?


The most important aspect of selecting the color of the text and background of the website is readability. It is important that the text fits with the background, but that it remains readily readable.

It would be best to always have a light background with dark text or vice versa. This rule also applies to graphics design and in situations where we put text on images. If it's a web shop, a white or a very light color shade is used to turn visitors focus to products.


Target audience

It is necessary to investigate and determine the target user group for which the website is intended. This may result in a decision that the page should have a certain color or shade. Use colors with intent, those that are appropriate for the targeted audience, the message you are sending and the product you sell.

For example, you are in business of salling toys for children. In this case, vivid colors should be used.



If your company has an established logo of a certain color, it is preferable to use the colors from the logo in the design of the website. Otherwise, color selection should be subordinated to other color selection factors for your brand.



In the case of too many colors, website may look abnormal, overwhelming and disordered, so the elements you want to point out may be lost in the crowd. This way, the visitor will find it harder to find the necessary information or even to leave the site immediately.

For this reason, it is recommended to use two or three colors throughout the design. One dominant, the second one for the details and the third that will be used to highlight the key elements on the page and stimulate interest.