Microsoft Edge will soon block Flash

Microsoft Edge will soon block Flash

End of the use of Flash is slowly approaching, and now Microsoft is joining the trend of stopping the support of obsolete technology. The next issue of Microsoft Edge will now look for HTML5 content, and Flash will be blocked. Users will be given a choice to decide if they want to upload Flash content or not.    

In order to make things easier for users, Microsoft will allow most popular sites to be excluded from this auto block but have not yet commented on which sites are doing exactly. The company also plans to reduce the list of these sites as time passes. Ultimately, users will have complete control of whether to use flash or not.    

The new version of the market's target will appear in early 2017.    

This move is unexpected, and follows the decision of Google that their Google Chrome will soon block Flash, and earlier announcements by Apple and Mozilla on the same.  

With Microsoft, all four major browsers are slowly moving away from Flash, which we hope will lead to faster and safer internet surfing, no matter which browser you are using.