E-commerce Monitoring and Control System in Croatia

E-commerce Monitoring and Control System in Croatia

The Croatian Tax Administration recently introduced a new CRO e-com project. The goal of the project, worth about 200,000.00 €, is to improve the administrative capacity and improve the efficiency of the Croatian Tax Administration in the field of supervision through the implementation of the e-commerce monitoring and control function.    

The project is in operation at the time of writing this text, and inspectors are already in the field.    

Legal Obligations You Must Meet and Highlight in Your Web Store:    

The company or crafts owned by the web store should be defined as the economic activity of buying and selling goods and providing trade services. As a business activity, it is necessary to register retail trade by mail or Internet and information society services.    

A legal person who owns a web store is subject to the following laws: 

Look this Guide to Performing Online Store Activities and the Laws listed above to ensure that everything in your web store is regular and lawful .