Top Trends in Web Design

Top Trends in Web Design

Everyday, technology is growing, and so are the spheres in web design. Trends are an essential element of web design because more and more people are spending time on the internet, so there must be adequate squares for whatever people want.


1.Web animation

Animation plays a big part in creating new ideas. In accelerated world where with all the rush time passes quickly, animation, in a short time shows everything the designer has imagined.

2.Playful design

There is more and more illustration on the websites becausebrands want to stick out, and illustrations are the perfect way to give personality to a web site. Illustrations come in unmatched shapes, sizes and styles, and are a dynamic element, yet simple and functional. This trend is not at all surprising. Illustrations can be very practical ways of presenting or explaining information.

3. Asymmetrical appearance

When in 2010, Responsive Design has made major changes to web design and enabled designers to build websites that flawlessly adapt to different devices. We see an increase in designs that rebelled against the delicate design limit, trying to be more "creative".