How to Improve Web Site Functionality

How to Improve Web Site Functionality

When we think of a web site, we always need to think about it as a tool. Like any other tool, it does not generally generate profits by itself, but it needs to be used to make money.

Basic guidelines:

Generate content. Visitors should be given a reason to return.

When designing and optimizing a web site, it is necessary to look at the tiny details that catch peoples eyes and and have them visit again. If content is updated only once a month, customers will be reluctant to return to your page because they will not see changes with successive arrivals.

Engage in creating new content on your website that educates and engages potential users to come back to your site and find out more.


Improve user experience.

One of the biggest challenges in making a website, when you are trying to keep and draw users in, is the user experience of the site.

One of the key factors of user experience is very simple, eg sluggish site that discourages visitors to spend time on your site.

Design is also very important, it must be apropriated for activity, and bad design can immediately reject potential visitors.


Functionality first, and then appearance.

If the page is loading too long, the user can leave the web page before he can look at it.

Users are impatient, so if navigation is too complex and its difficult to find the content they are looking for, it can turn them away and they will leave the site. There are a number of beautiful websites that are unique, and a lot of effort was put into making them, but they are too slow, impractical, or poorly navigated.